Our Top Secrets:

If you're not from the area, there are a few things you might like to know. Here are our top six "NEED to KNOW" facts and tidbits as you plan your next Cuyuna adventure: 


Our mining pit lakes are deep. Like worthy of scuba diving to over 500 feet. Yes, that kind of deep! And the best part is they're crystal-clear and some are even stocked with rainbow trout. Be sure to bring your rod and reel!


Crosby is known as the Antique Capital of the Lakes Area. Our Main Street is lined with numerous antique and vintage shops. Be warned: you might get lost in history! 


What's the fuss about? Well, our community is being transformed. Where mining was once king, biking and outdoor recreation are now taking over. See for yourself in this video by


Several new businesses have opened and are helping to revive our community (think brewery and yoga studio). But there are still plenty of options for houses, cabins, and commercial real estate. Won't you be our neighbor?


Interested in venturing outdoors but not sure where to start? I Can Ride and I Can Paddle are two programs managed by the DNR that can give you the tools and skills to get started. 


Cuyuna....why the funky name? In 1895, Cuyler Adams discovered traces of manganese and iron while surveying his land. Cuyler’s wife came up with the name “Cuyuna,” combining the first three letters of her husband’s name with that of their pet Saint Bernard, “Una.” (Source: EMT)


Here's a handy-dandy checklist for your next Cuyuna outing. (It's only a start but hopefully it'll get you thinking.)

  • sunscreen & bug spray

  • water bottles / packs

  • maps & compass

  • first aid kit

  • clothing (that dries quickly & can be layered)

  • hat & helmet

  • life jacket

  • swimsuit & towel

If camping:

  • tent (inc. stakes and rainfly)

  • tarps

  • cook kit & utensils 

  • sleeping bags


Whatever you're doing:

  • an adventurous spirit!